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MASALA royale Průhonice

MASALA Pod Karlovem 

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MASALA Chain of Indian restaurants.

We started our activities in  New Zealand during 1999, where we currently operate 8 Indian restaurants. Our operation in  the Czech market started during 2007 and now our network comprises establishments of 4 ethnic Indian restaurants.

MASALA, Mánesova 13, Praha 2

MASALA royale, Tulipánová 142, Průhonice

MASALA, Keramická 3, Praha 7

MASALA, Pod Karlovem 12, Praha 2

In all our restaurants meals are prepared by professional Indian chefs  who have gained experienced in cooking genuine recipes for all corners of India.  While selecting our chefs we take into consideration their experience and quality of their work, their education in the relevant field and the diverse knowledge of Indian cuisine. Due to the unique quality and extensive range of Indian dishes, we provide complete catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner).For Indian groups, we are able to offer our catering service directly on site at their hotels or any place they are staying. For such groups we are also able to  organize and prepare the food right in our restaurants .
There is a myth about Indian food in the Czech Republic that Indian food is very spicy practically inedible for Europeans. But we can safely say that it's really just a myth. Indian dishes are primarily based on the variety of flavors which are tuned in with all other ingredients. The menu is diverse and you can find  dishes that are sharp in flavor but at the same time you can find dishes that are very mild and even suitable for children. Indian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular, when we opened our first business, 90% of the guests were foreigners, within two years, the situation is completely reversed.

Original and pleasant environment  along with masterful skills of our chefs create the right atmosphere for your business meetings, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, graduation or a romantic dinners at MASALA.

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